Bendy Beans Baby Massage & Yoga

Bendy Beans runs Baby Massage and Baby Yoga classes here at the Venture Centre.

Bendy Beans baby massage classes are friendly and informal. They are an ideal way for your baby to be gently introduced to the new experience at a pace that is led by them. The non-judgemental environment allows you the time and space to develop your bond with your baby, whilst learning new skills and meeting new people.

Baby massage is an ideal way of expressing love, care and respect and a wonderful opportunity for you to be in the moment with your baby, away from the busy distractions of life. The benefits of baby massage are for both baby and parent. You will learn massage strokes that can help to alleviate trapped wind and constipation and soothe colic. Baby massage can aid sleep and improve the quality of sleep. It strengthens and tones muscles, aiding and supporting your baby’s stage of development and developing their body awareness.

Bendy Beans baby yoga classes are fun and friendly! Our classes are suitable from 8 weeks to pre walking. They are a mixture of movement, singing, massage, stretching and relaxation based around traditional yoga moves. Parents help their baby to perform different poses and stretches, supported with songs and rhymes. There are also stretches for parents and time for relaxation and breathing exercises.

The benefits of baby yoga are many for both baby and parent. It promotes positive baby handling and is an excellent way of connecting with your baby. It can also help improve your baby’s sleeping pattern too. In addition to alleviating trapped wind and constipation and can help to regulate and strengthen baby’s digestive system. Baby yoga can help to develop body and mind awareness and co-ordination, helping babies to gain control over their bodies. Language development is also promoted through the songs and rhymes.

The classes offer a great opportunity for socialisation for both baby and parent. There are also many benefits for parents too. The closeness and positive touch with baby can help to alleviate symptoms of post natal depression and helps parents to communicate with their baby. It promotes relaxation, encourages mindfulness and introduces parents to yoga and movement.

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