T & C's

The Venture Centre 2000 Management Company Limited is responsible for the letting and day to day management of the 1st Lawford Scout Group Headquarters, Venture Centre 2000, offering facilities to a wide range of local groups and individuals in the community.

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions must be observed and in all cases of hire, the Hirer must make sure that they are adhered to. The Hirer must not obstruct or interfere with any concurrent usage or display material.

The person by whom the booking form is signed shall be deemed to be the Hirer and shall be responsible for payment and due observance and performance of the terms and conditions.

Availability of the Centre and its facilities is subject to the discretion of the Venture Centre Management Company Ltd who reserve the right to restrict usage or cancel bookings, without giving reason, when they consider it appropriate to do so or when the conditions of hire have not been, or are not being, observed.


The charges for hiring the facilities of the Centre are outlined in the published leaflet and may change subject to notice and will be confirmed on the booking form. The Venture Centre Management Company Ltd reserves the right to charge a security deposit.


Applications for hiring can be made to the Centre in writing or by telephone. Full details of the purpose of the hiring must be given and use of the Centre will be restricted to the use and accommodation specified on the booking form. Hirings will be at the discretion of the Venture Centre 2000 Management Company Ltd or their appointed representative. Whether a single hiring or a series of hirings are made for a specified period and a specific purpose, that period of hirings and specific purpose cannot be varied without prior written consent of the Venture Centre 2000 Management Company Ltd.

On confirmation of availability, a deposit of 25% of the total hire charge is payable at the time of booking. The balance is payable 56 days before the commencement of the hire.

If the date of the hiring is less than 56 days from the date of the booking, the full amount is payable within 7 days.

The booking form/contract must be duly signed, dated and returned with amounts(s) payable within 7 days for the hire to take place. Only then will the facilities of the Centre be deemed to have been booked. By payment of the deposit the Hirer is deemed to have accepted the Terms and Conditions of booking even if the form has not been returned.


Unless 56 days notice of cancellation is given, the Hirer will be liable to pay the full sum of the hire.

If the hiring is made within 56 days of the hire date, 28 days notice of cancellation must be given. In all cases of cancellation by the Hirer the deposit will be forfeit. In the event of the Venture Centre 2000 Management Company Ltd cancelling a booking, all monies with regard to that booking will be returned.

Damages, Access etc

The Hirer will be responsible for any damage to fixtures and fittings. In the event of any damage caused by the Hirer, its’ agents, licensees or guests, the Hirer shall pay to 1st Lawford Scout Group, Venture Centre 2000 the cost of making good such damage to the building including the car parking area. The Hirer shall not infringe any copyright or performing right and in accepting the conditions, indemnities the Venture Centre 2000 Management Company Limited against all sums of money which it may have to pay by reason of such infringement during the period of hire. The Hirer is responsible for complying with all requirements of the Performing Rights Society in respect of musical or other works performed orally, instrumentally or mechanically at entertainments for which a charge is made.

Hirers must arrange their own public liability insurance for loss, damage, etc which must be available for inspection.

The Hirer must take all reasonable precautions to ensure that current Health and Safety Guidelines are followed. (Further information available from the Venture Centre 2000 Management Co Ltd) Fire exits and escapes are to be kept clear at all times. Failure to do this may lead to immediate termination of the booking.

The Hirer agrees to take all reasonable and proper care of the premises, furniture, fittings and equipment belonging to the Centre and to reimburse the Centre for the cost of any damage, theft or vandalism occurring during the period of hire. Wearing of footwear likely to cause damage to floors is forbidden. Persons wearing such footwear will be denied admission or requested to leave. Special preparations, such as those required for the purpose of dancing, must not be applied to the floors. Where damage is caused the Hirer will be charged the cost of restitution.

The Venture Centre 2000 has a well designed ventilation system. This relies on the opening of external doors and windows being closely monitored. Venture Centre 2000 staff will advise on this.

When entering and leaving the premises, Hirers are expected to keep noise to a minimum. Doors must be kept closed when bands and discos are playing.

The Hirer is held responsible for the safety of their own equipment brought onto the premises. No item of equipment, films or other materials of an inflammable or explosive nature shall be brought onto the premises or used. This includes fireworks – both indoors and outdoors. No item of equipment belonging to the Centre may be removed from the premises. The approval of the Venture Centre 2000 Management Company Ltd must be obtained before any items of equipment are brought onto the premises.

No materials or articles of any description may be fixed to the walls, floor or any other part of the building. Any method of fixing equipment or display material to the building must be approved in advance. All publicity for events to be held at the Centre must be approved by the Venture Centre 2000 Management Company Ltd.

Hirers will be prohibited from access to the kitchen (unless part of the booking), first floor, storage and plant areas.

Time required for the preparation of the facility for use by the Hirer shall be deemed to be included in the period of hire. Items and articles provided by the Hirer must be removed at the conclusion of the hiring period. The Hirer will be responsible for clearing up and returning the facilities used to their original state. Any additional cleaning from the norm that is required will be charged to the Hirer. The premises must be vacated at the arranged time or a further charge will be levied.

Representatives of the Venture Centre 2000 Management Company Ltd have free and unfettered access at all times for the purposes of inspection.

Only alcohol purchased from the bar or supplied by the licensees may be consumed on the premises.

The Management can accept no responsibility for personal effects; all vehicles are parked at the owners risk. Additional terms and conditions may be applied at the discretion of the Management.

Venture Centre 2000 Management Company Ltd 10/11/2008